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    Sea Freight

    Sea freight is one of the transportation modules to carry cargo from one country to another via sea by ship/vessel...

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    Air Freight

    Air lines will provide very quick transit times and can easily guarantee delivery dates, but in comparison to the cost of shipping a product, shipping via air freight can be very expensive....

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    Trucking Freight

    Road transport is a very popular mode of transport used by suppliers and businesses to deliver orders. ...

Darya Kala Ran Co .ltd International Freight Forwarding

Established in 2003 by Mohammadi Brothers after 20 years of occupation and obtaining the experience in different levels of management for agency of shipping lines and international transportation companies, DARYA KALA RAN Company due to its reputation and supports of shipping lines directors and great Iranian exporters and importers could transport to and from Iran over than 25000 TEU containers and thousands tons of commodities by different land and air transportation means during only one decade. Our honor is providing you with our long term experience in Iranian market for your success and are ready to assist you by due diligence to attain your economic targets in Iranian market. Therefore, along with servicing to respected businessmen as well as supporting great and famous international transportation companies, we took action to create and launch this website and by your support wishing to reduce transportation costs as well as shortening the speed of transportation services as far as possible.

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قوانین جدید کشتیرانی قیمت نفت را به ۹۰ دلار می‌رساند

قوانین جدید کشتیرانی ، در تلاش برای مبارزه با آلودگی‌ هوا ، باعث بالا رفتن تقاضای سوخت‌های کم سولفور و در نتیجه بالا رفتن تقاضا برای نفت خام شده‌ است .

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    International Freight Forwarding

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