Sea Freight

Maritime transport Mainly used for large volume goods. In this method, the delivery time is usually long. Therefore, goods should be such that this time does not affect their Sea Freight, with the direction of my factors, the type of kala, the length of the path and others, the means of driayi gonaguni, the means of languishing, the nifteksh and others of the opinion of sending a bar to benefit from the mi shud.Due to factors such as the type of goods, the length of the route, etc., various marine vessels such as dinghies, tankers, etc. are used to send cargo.The mayor of Tejarat Daryai, Iran, on the road south of Kashour Angam, May Chod. Kashurhai Chin, United Arab Emirates, Arabic and South Korea, with the original arrangement of the original Seh Kushour, Dur Zaminah, the imports of Kala, by Iran, May Bashand. Where are the raw materials, equipment supplied by Niaz Der Zeminah Pazeshki, Razzachi and Rahzazi, Khodro and An pieces, Kishtani pieces and equipment, and Hawapima Hestend.Sea Kalaran Cargo containers with 20-foot, 40-foot containers, special containers, ISO tanks and FCL.LCL refrigerators via Dubai, Oman, Turkey to various locations and ports in the US, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia. There are agents for bulk carriers, transporting fuel and gas by tanker ships.

Air Freight

Air Freight Barbari Hawaii Kala Bah Do Chakl Cargo and Freight Bar Angam Mi Chud. Cargo is attached to a commercial kala-ha-ha load, and a fritt-bar is attached to a kala-ha-ha load, which is tied to two passengers. Bray Barbari Hawai’i Kala Is Hawapimahai Khashus Hamchon Beluga and Ya Antonf 225 The benefit of the mi shoud and the use of it as the kala az koshouri is a kosour deiger and ya inside Homan koshur send a mi shoud. But what is the type of sending a regular message in the opinion of sending both and ... Air freight Used between two different countries. Freight is actually a cargo of travelers who intend to travel for a long time and have to carry their personal belongings and needs and are not commercial in nature. But commercial goods that may be shipped between different countries are called cargo and are transported by private cargo planes.Export, import, customs formalities, cargo services of personal belongings, home furniture, pregnant students and immigrants and passenger freight. Commercial and project samples, laboratory samples, refrigerated goods transportation services, summer crops, vegetables, fruits and perishable goods. Aircraft charter services for heavy and high volume cargo, non-standard and traffic. Transportation by Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa,Iran Air, UAE, Mahan and other reputable airlines.

Rail Frieghts

Rules for rail transportation of goods are determined by the government, the Highways Organization and the railway company. In international transportation of goods by rail, customs and clearance is done according to the rules and regulations. Rail freight transport It has a small role in international trade, because in the international transport of goods through Reiki lines requires the cooperation of two or more countries through which the train passes. International laws and regulations are pre-determined and approved by the responsible countries. To develop and increase the demand for rail freight for customers, it is necessary to create a suitable space for rail transport and proper use of the rail fleet.Rail transport with relief wagons, roofed, long edge, short edge, tank and bulk carrier.Rail services include: transportation of minerals, fuels, oils and oil depots, ceramics, animal feed, cement, iron ore to domestic destinations and ports for export, transportation of various exports, imports and transit goods.Providing all international rail transportation services, including forwarding affairs, unloading and loading operations formalities, packing and warehousing, customs and clearance of goods, cargo and transportation with special carriages.

Land Freight

One of the most important points in this regard is the issuance of the bill of lading. The bill of lading is very important and its absence will cause problems. In the bill of lading, address and specifications of the sender, the address of the relevant consignee, size, number, type, weight, cost of transportation and final destination are specified. Note that three copies of the bill of lading must be in the possession of the carrier, the recipient and the sender. Finally, the bill of lading must be signed by these three people. The attack and the ground transfer have many benefits. This type of transportation helps you to handle your activities much faster. In the sea or air transportation system, you may encounter confusion and waste of time. But in the ground method these disadvantages are less. It goes without saying that air and sea transportation methods also have their own advantages. In general, land transportation is a low-risk and convenient method for moving goods. Road transport service to all European countries, Central Asia, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. Under CMR regulations with TIR conditions and vice versa, retail service from all over Europe and Central Asia to domestic destinations and vice versa.